I am keeping bees at several locations in Anguilla. I am always interested in getting more bees. In particular, I want bees that are easy to catch. The easiest bees to catch are when a swarm has left an old hive but has not yet found their new location. It only takes a day or so for them to figure out a new location. So if you see a bunch of bees that were not there yesterday I am very interested. So interested that I would pay $50 US to the first person to call and tell me about an easy to catch swarm (say less than 20 feet up in a tree).

Once bees find a nice protected location they will make honey comb and fill it with babies and honey. At this point it is more work to catch the bees and they fight back more as they have stuff to defend. So I don't pay for established hives but if they are not too hard to get at I would like to get them and will not charge anything to remove them.

If the bees are inside a building or inside a tree or something where it is a lot of work to get them I am still interested in getting the bees but only if I am paid something.

Call 581 5398